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The Killers – Day & Age
I didn’t think anything was going to beat out Oasis for my favorite album of the year, but just leave it to The Killers to deliver the ultimate fix of 1980’s inspired rock on what might be their best album yet. Certainly, it’s their most indulgent.

Bursting out of the gates with the brass-heavy “Losing Touch” The Killers segue from genre to genre with a tight grip on melodies and musicianship. While songs like “Neon Tiger” and “Spaceman” are a welcomed continuation of The Killers’ Sam’s Town sound, songs like “Human” and “This is Your Life” are poppy forays into synth pop. The song “Joy Ride” is a new direction in sound with its percussive,  jazzy rhythm along with the more laid back “I Can’t Stay.” The high energy “Spaceman” is my favorite track on the album and there isn’t a single song here that I don’t enjoy. Even the slow, brooding “Goodnight, Travel Well” builds to a powerful and satisfying conclusion.

The Killers have evolved since their debut as mascara painted indie rockers to arena rock aficionados. Their attempts at trying out different ideas and themes have kept them fresh thus far and more fun. With the amount of radio friendly material, The Killers have produced they could probably release a respectable greatest hits compilation in a few years. The Killers have been consistent with releases for their fans and the quality of their music.

Sean and I have talked about albums we’d consider for a list of “Our Favorite albums of the 00s” in a few years and frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes up. I mean this album basically sums up why I like the genre, to begin with. Only time will tell if I grow old and cynical. Or lose touch.

Favorite Tracks: “Joy Ride”, “Losing Touch”, “Spaceman”

Give a Little Bit

Hello fellow Turkey enthusiasts on yet another beautiful Thanksgiving Day. We’ve pretty much taken the week off here at Cat Fancy but we’d like to wish everyone a very filling Thanksgiving as we yet again descend into the festivity of the holiday season. I’d also like to wish a Happy Birthday to the memories of icons Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee, if they were alive today they’d be 66 and 68 respectively. Wow, two American icons who died before their time, born on the same day… Makes you think. Well that’s enough for today, hopefully we can pick up the slack here sometime next week, but until than have a happy holiday!

Here’s a YouTube video of Adam Sandler on SNL singing one of his wacky songs in a stupid voice. Mildly amusing I suppose, but hey it’s about Thanksgiving and that’s good enough for me.

Get Yourself a DP

Just a quick reminder that Chinese Democracy actually did come out today, so anyone that is interested in getting a free Dr. Pepper can go to the website and get that coupon. I’m trying to get there right now, but the damn page just isn’t loading.

So, how did Chinese Democracy turn out? Looking at the reviews at Wikipedia it seems to be fairing pretty well, but since I’ve never listened to a Guns N’ Roses album before, I have little inclination to start now.

What’s more important to me is that tonight 24: Redemption will finally be aired, ending this year-long drought of 24 episodes. This is the first new thing from the series since May of 2007. It feels like it’s been even longer. For those of you that don’t know, tonight’s episode is a two-hour long prequel movie that bridges season six to season seven, which starts in January. I believe the movie will be in real time, which sounds kind of crazy. Anyway, I can’t wait to tune in tonight at 8, with my cold soda in hand, and watch this masterpiece unfold.

T3: Believe in the Lemmevution

Today’s top ten is devoted to none other than our founder and dear friend Sean Friedrich Lemme in celebration of his 20th birthday last monday. I’ve collected a handful of comments from Sean’s so called friends, along with some other strange things people have said in the past and put them together in a “balls to the walls” T3 to honor Sean, a true patriot.

Sean allows me to not be ashamed of my love for wookiepedia and he’s just a pretty cool guy. besides the fact he still only likes me for my star wars action figures.
– Nancy

I’ve always liked his ability to come up with or try out new phrases, even the lesser ones like “boned” or “balls to the walls”. I also respect the fact that he has always been the clear academic superior out of “the core”.
– Colin

Say the cookie thing!
– Peter Olund (from some time in Junior High)

I’ve never thanked you for existing either have I Sean… Well not yet.. You Still haven’t quite proved yourself to me.
– Jake (From MySpace, I assume he meant “Proven” instead of “Proved”)

He keeps in touch with the world.
– Paul

Sean lemme is one helluva guy. His loyalty, and sensibility are all vital aspects to his character. He’s fun to rock with, better to laugh with, and the perfect person to have a drink with as you watch the world end
– Peter

Hey it’s Tiffy
– Some guy from Myspace

His courage and wisdom have helped guide me through this ridiculous realm of existence for many moons. From his computer wizardry (helping me with my many technical woes) to his bold teachings, stemming back to his Native American roots, Sean is a funny, clever, well rounded guy that’ll I’ll always be proud to have on my side… At least until things go sour when the world ends in 2012.
– John

You are really fucking hilarious thank you for existing.
– Kristin (MySpace comment)

Sean: a brother, a friend, a hero. My older brother is the most inspirational writer I know, in addition he can always add a witty comment that perfectly complements the situation. He brings a lot, not just in size, to any party. Happy Birthday Sean!
– Kevin

A lot of comments about existing and apocalypse, it just goes to show that our lives just wouldn’t be the same without the Seanster. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all wish you well on this journey called life, happy birthday.

Take a Wakamatsu on the Wild Side

This Wednesday marks an important day for M’s fans as GM Jack Zduriencik has just hired Don Wakamatsu as the Mariners 14th Manager to date.

Wakamatsu was bench coach for the Oakland Athletics last season. Before that he spent five years with the Texas Rangers. The 45 year Old Wakamatsu is the first Asian-American manager in major league and even spent a brief period of time in the big leagues himself with 1991 Chicago White Sox. Zduriencik narrowed his original list of 35 candidates down to Don, so let’s hope we can get this team back in shape.

C.A.T: Rumours

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (1977)
Since it is becoming increasingly probable that Nancy will never write a CAT again, here’s another quick one from me.

Proving my theory that anything that came out in 1977 is awesome is Fleetwood Mac’s opus Rumours. In the great tradition of the Beatles, this album probably made the word “rumors” one of the most frequently misspelled by young music lovers.

Apparently this album is the product of all the turmoil from the romantic relationships within the band. John McVie and Christine McVie divorced, Lindsey Buckingham (a man) and Stevie Nicks (a woman) split, and Stevie hooked up with Mick Fleetwood. It’s like, what were they thinking? This is some Friends bullshit! You don’t have to date the people you work with, there are literally billions of other fish in the sea. Anyway, it was probably worth it since this album shot Fleetwood Mac to superstardom and created some of their most famous tracks.

“Second Hand News” is the first track you’ll hear, and it’s a damn fine one. It’s hard to resist singing along or at least engaging in some proper toe-tapping. I’d say that’s true about Linsey Buckingham’s other two tracks as well, “Never Going Back Again” and “Go Your Own Way.” These songs are the immortal hits of the band, and while certainly highlights for me, that is not to say the rest of the tracks aren’t good. Really they are. You’ve probably heard them before. Go listen to “Dreams,” the second track on the disc. Yeah, you’ve heard that. And it’s good. I could go on, but I don’t want to.

Most people could probably say they’ve heard this album without even knowing its name, because I hear a lot of these songs on the radio all the time. And I don’t even listen to the radio very often. But that just demonstrates how freakin’ good Rumours is. If you’re someone like Kevin, you should definitely give this album a listen just so you can identify those songs you hear all the time.

Favorite Tracks: “Second Hand News,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Go Your Own Way”

Viva La Lemmevution

Cat Fancy would like to acknowledge that today is the anniversary of our very own Sean Lemme’s birth . I would of liked to put together a top ten for today but couldn’t manage to contact everyone in time… But don’t worry Sean you’ll get your very own T3 this thursday… Or will you? I guess it will be a surprise, I mean everyone likes surprises. So aside from it being “International Students Day” there are as well many famous personalities that Sean just happens to share a birthday with; Martin Scorsese, Danny DeVito, Lorne Michaels, Rachel McAdams, Gordon Lightfoot, Howard Dean, Stephen Root, RuPaul, Isaac Hanson and Jeff Buckley who died on my birthday in 1997… Oooh creepy. Well have a good one Sean for it may be your last…. I keed I keed.