The Mildly Pleased podcast feed collects the various shows we make, when we have the time.

Top Ten Thursdays

T3, which is short for Top Ten Thursdays, was our original weekly podcast. It’s about the fine art of list-making, regardless of that episode’s specific topic.

Some Kind of Movie

An occasional movie review podcast that begs just what kind of movie a movie is – like, is it good? Is it fine? Is it great? We ask the tough questions.

Good Movie, Bad Movie

Here’s the Good Movie, Bad Movie mission: Take two movies that have something in common: a director, actor, theme, release window – really, it could be anything. Compare them, and decide once and for all: which is the good one and which is the bad one?

Stream Police

The hosts of Stream Police must spin the great wheel of Netflix streaming options and accept their fate! Forced to watch something obscure or downright terrible, they, like real police officers, quickly become desensitized to the true horrors of the world.

Pitching Tents

Pitching Tents has its finger on that Hollywood Pulse, so we take a loose concept and try to pitch wacky, on-the-spot improvised feature films. But there’s a catch: only one pitch can win!

Rokk Talk

John and Colin really needed an outlet to talk about music, and the written word simply would not do! Join them almost monthly as they reflect on music, make recommendations, and diss the haters.