Mildly Pleased’s Top Ten Movies of 2019

Now that you’ve seen our individual lists, it’s time for us to put together an overall list of the top ten movies of 2019. This year was undoubtedly a good year for movies, so much so that we didn’t see all of each other’s picks. Fortunately, there were a lot of movies we were able to agree on in terms of greatness, while we even sprinkle in a bit of Oscar talk throughout the podcast. Continue reading

Top Ten Movies of 2018

It’s no longer 2018. In fact, it’s almost no longer January 2019. But that didn’t stop us from recording a podcast looking back at the best of what last year had to offer in film. Also, it wasn’t a bad week to do so, considering the Oscar nominations came out and… ooh boy, not a great crop of movies overall. Still, there were plenty of great films from 2018 that got little in the way of Oscar attention, and which we were happy to talk about.

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Top Ten TV Shows of 2018

2018 was once again a dizzying year for TV, with so many options that you’d think the efforts of three people watching a decent amount of TV shows would have our current television landscape covered. Yet, there are still plenty of critically acclaimed shows none of us caught up with, and you know what? That’s fine. Because we still found plenty of shows we enjoyed, some on our own, and many that we could all agree on enjoying. Look for those here, as we look back at the best shows of 2018. Continue reading

The Seventh Annual Mildly Pleased Awards

How do you summarize a year like 2018? I think at this point, the whole “it’s depressing” angle is getting kind of tired. And yet, what other perspective is there on stories like children in cages, increasing production of greenhouse gasses, and a rapist being appointed to the supreme court – tipping the balance toward conservatism for a generation? I guess I just have to hope this is the desperate death throes of a despicable subset of the population that is holding onto power for the last time. An example: this year I was depressed with how much hate The Last Jedi got, but then that report came out that most people did like that movie and a lot of the discourse online was influenced by trolls. There isn’t as much evil as it seems sometimes, and, like Gritty says, we’ll outlive them. But we should eat them first.

Oh yeah, this is our mediocrity award show. Check out the winners after the jump. And before I forget, here are the nominees for best viral video:

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Top Ten Anticipated Movies of 2018

Another year, another slate of movies to get your hopes up about and be inevitably disappointed by. Though, from looking at year’s past, Sean and John have had a pretty good track record of predicting movies that end up being pretty good (John called four movies that ended up on his top ten last year!) Meanwhile, Colin aims to keep up his streak of naming movies he won’t see (he was 10 for 10 last year). That’s right, it’s the most anticipated movies of (the month old) 2018! Continue reading

Top Ten Movies of 2017

2017 in film has come and gone, but here Sean, John, and Colin take a look back at it one last time. And also for the final time this year, we whip out the old Top Ten Thursdays format of talking about a long list of things in-depth, and then trying the listener’s patience debating whether something like The Florida Project is more of a number 7 or a number 8 (sorry for the spoiler). But if there’s one thing these guys can agree on, it’s that 2017 was an all-around great year for movies, bursting at the seams with great releases primed to get us through the dregs of January.

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Top Ten TV Shows of 2017

There was a lot of television in 2017. There will probably be even more television in 2018. The point is, Colin, Sean, and John tried to watch a lot of it, but probably still didn’t watch as much as the supposed average American who watches more than 5 hours of television a day (are there just a ton of mega-bingers inflating this number? That seems like a lot). But they still watched well over 10 shows in 2017, which gave them enough to make their annual lists. And here, as every year, they talk about which ones were the best of the best. Or at least, the best out of the ones the had the time watch. Continue reading