Colin’s Quarantine Diary: Week 3

Things are starting to feel a little more normal now, though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I went multiple days without leaving the apartment this week, and I didn’t even feel that guilty about it. Though I suppose you’re just as likely to feel guilty about leaving the house as staying in, since it potentially puts other, less healthy people at risk.

Whatever, the case is, I’m starting to embrace the solitude of isolation, but at the same time I’m looking at a bright blue sky out the window right now and thinking about how we’re basically missing all of Spring. But hey, at least there’s plenty of pop culture to get us through it, even if it seems apparent that there will be a lot less new things coming out in the next few months. Continue reading

The Pick: Changing Lanes

For a long time, the three of us have had a mild fascination with the movie Changing Lanes. Like, what’s its deal? It stars two actors that have had a surprising amount of longevity in their careers and has a fun/stupid premise, and yet no one ever talks about it. So much so that this might be the first time anyone has talked about Changing Lanes in-depth on a podcast. So even though there are some audio issues in this episode, at least it has that going for it. Continue reading

Colin’s Quarantine Diary: Week 2

So this is just life now?

I’m sure this is the thought many of us had this week, as I know I found myself getting used to the routine of working from home, doing indoor activities at night, and going for the occasional walk as long as I keep my distance from strangers. It’s a strange thing for the world to be so quiet when it’s simultaneously falling apart. I guess this period gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “dying on the inside”. But enough moroseness. Yes, things are tough, but there is still enjoyment to get out of life’s little pleasures, and I’ve found that the most enjoyable time has been when I’m not looking at the news. Which of course brings me to the various distractions that have been keeping me sane. Continue reading

The Pick: The Hunt For Red October

The world may have shut down, but we’re still intent on delivering episodes of The Pick. I mean, what else better do we have to do? This week we dig into a movie that’s sort of about social distancing, but also, not really, since it involves a lot of men being tucked into very close quarters with each other on a submarine. Anyways, it’s The Hunt For Red October! It’s the 30th anniversary! Let the hunt begin! Continue reading

Colin’s Quarantine Diary: Week 1

Hey all!

I know. Things are weird right now. It’s also easy to feel like the kinds of pop culture we talk about on this blog is insignificant compared to the health of you and everyone you know. That said, because much of the world is self-quarantining right now, we’re all binging on a lot more pop culture than usual. So I figured I’d start doing these check-in’s each week or so talking about the various movies and music and whatnot that has been getting me through being trapped in my apartment. Of course, hopefully this period won’t last too long. But things don’t necessarily seem that way right now, so I anticipate this will be a recurring feature in the coming weeks. And who knows, maybe Sean and John will join in?

I think for now I’ll keep it to five things I’ve been into this week, but don’t hold me to that format. To quote The Dark Knight‘s tagline, welcome to a world without rules. Continue reading

The Pick: Contagion

Looking for a respite from thinking about the coronavirus? Well… sorry. This week, we’re indulging the chaotic state of things by talking about Steven Soderbergh’s timely Contagion. In addition to that, we talk a bit about what it’s like for Sean and John to be in the epicenter of COVID-19 in the U.S., as well as the career of America’s favorite infected everyman, Tom Hanks. I know. These are bleak times, but maybe The Pick can offer a glimmer of hope and a few laughs. Just remember to wash your hands before using them to hit that “play” button! Continue reading

The Pick: An American Werewolf in London

Capping off our three-part “body horror” series that included The Invisible Man and the skin-crawling 1996 classic The Nutty Professor is John Landis’ 1981 horror-comedy An American Werewolf in London.

In this episode, Sean retells the story of the most infamous “werewolf trial” in history. Also, Colin recommends collectible rubber duckies! We’re over the moon for this one so why don’t you give it a listen? Better than talking to a corpse.

Continue reading