John Otteni

Shocktober Day 29: A Creepshow Animated Special

A Creepshow Animated Special (2020)

There’s been a change of plans. I was supposed to review an episode of Riverdale but after watching five minutes and being totally lost I bailed. Then I decided to watch the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and did and was ready to review it. Then I found out Shudder was releasing a surprise animated episode of Creepshow on October 29th and it was a no brainer.

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Shocktober Day 21: “The Scare”

Dawson’s Creek “The Scare” (1998)

Season 1, Episode 11
May 5th, 1998

I can’t get over the fact that Kevin Williamson created Scream and created Dawson’s Creek. SCREAM! The biting satirical meta slasher flick that saved horror in the 90s. A bonafide classic… that came from the mind of a guy who also created a sappy coming of age drama about upper-class teens in Massachusetts. There’s gotta be more to it right? Maybe Dawson’s Creek is just as funny and smart and sexy as Scream? I just didn’t know it because of its cheesy theme song and tiger beat cast members. Maybe Dawson’s Creek is special?

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Shocktober Day 16: “Stevil”

“Stevil” – Family Matters (1996)

Season 8, Episode 7
October 25th, 1996

I don’t care what anyone says, Urkel is fucking funny. I know a lot of people think he’s annoying or one note or that he turned Family Matters into the “Steve Urkel Show”. Yeah, right. My man Urk saved that show. If it wasn’t for Urkel I can’t imagine Family Matters being more than a fun fact, “Did you know the guy who played the cop in Die Hard also played a cop on a sitcom?”

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Shocktober Day 14: “The Boogieman”

“The Boogieman” – Quantum Leap (1990)

Season 3 – Episode 5
Air Date:
October 26th, 1990

When I was a kid Quantum Leap was the show I watched when I was sick. I never sought it out. I would just be there on the couch, flipping channels, only to stumble across another one of Sam Beckett’s time-traveling adventures. What’s great about Quantum Leap is every episode is an easy-in. You can watch basically any random episode and enjoy the show. You can just watch the opening credits and you’ll get it.

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Shocktober Day 9: “Halloween Candy” Tales from the Darkside

“Halloween Candy” – Tales from the Darkside (1985)

Season 2 Episode 5
Air Date:
October 27, 1985

I’ve been watching a lot of Tales from the Crypt lately. So it was weird to take a break and revist its less celebrated predecessor. You see Crypt was a high budget HBO series with all star directors and A-list talent like Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, and Tom Hanks. While Darkside had guests like… Jerry Stiller, I guess? Darkside was never a big show. Nor a great show. But you can’t deny that it beat Crypt to the punch by six years and has surely earned its spot in horror TV history.

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