Greatness Getting Greater?

I know there are more pressing things going on than Rolling Stone’s new edition of the 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time being released last week, while things are also on the verge of getting a whole lot spookier on this blog. Still, I feel compelled to share some thoughts on this new edition of the RS 500 list, since this new list is quite an overhaul of the original one that was published in 2003 (there was also a slight update to the list in 2012). I’m not sure that Rolling Stone necessarily needed to publish an updated version, since it’s already become apparent that contemporary tastes in “great albums” have changed considerably since the 2003 list came out, whether or not there was a list to confirm it. But I’m glad they did, as the new list both preserves what was good about the original 500 while also adding plenty more albums that feel much more applicable to today’s music landscape. Continue reading

The Pick: Back To School

The Pick is back with Back To School! After an extended summer break, the boys return to Mildly Pleased’s flagship podcast to talk about movies. Unfortunately, this summer was not exactly the greatest summer for movies (did anyone actually end up seeing Tenet?), but at least there are always plenty of films from the past to dive into. This wasn’t exactly the newest or freshest film for all of us (due to many airings of it on Comedy Central), but it was still just fun to talk about the enduring appeal of Rodney Dangerfield as well as the Triple Lindy. Continue reading