The 4th Annual Criterion Draft

Just as John wraps up talking about his favorite horror movies of the 2010s, we take a trip to the more distant past by making our Criterion Picks. As you may or may not know, each July we at Mildly Pleased review 30-ish movies from the Criterion Collection on the blog, and while many things may be different about this Summer in the world at large, this tradition remains essentially the same. This year, Colin and John stick to past themes of spreading their picks throughout the decades of films, while Sean commits himself to reviewing nothing but black and African-American filmmakers this year.

Unlike in years past, we recorded our draft just a week before Criterion Month starts, so look forward to some reviews already comin’ at ya tomorrow! Continue reading

John’s Favorite Horror Movies of the 2010s (Part 5) – The Final Chapter

We’re finally at the finish line! The Big 10! The Best of the Best! The oh-my-god-i’m-so-tired-of-doing-these-lists-please-make-it-stop! Are these the best? For now. I didn’t get a chance to revisit as many horror films as I’d hoped. Or even watch other horror movies I’ve heard are great but haven’t seen. There’s so damn many.

Again the order of these films was based on no metric. I went by my gut. One observation is we’re getting into a lot of horror movies I’ve already written about on this blog. If I can’t shut up about these movies I must like ‘em. So without further ado…

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John’s Favorite Horror Movies of the 2010s (Part 4)

We’re down to the top twenty and you know what I just realized? I forgot Attack the Block. All this recent news about Joe Cornish wanting to make a sequel with John Boyega and I totally spaced (no pun intended) on that film. I used Letterboxd to put together my list and apparently they don’t consider that film horror. I do. Then again that’s been the struggle.

What is a horror movie? I’m almost done with this list and I still don’t know. Maybe I’ll know next week when I finish this whole experiment? Also, I forgot Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers. Fuck!

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The Pick: Outside In

Well, we’ve made it to the end of another season of The Pick, and in this finale we’re saying goodbye to one of our own — Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton, who passed away about a month ago. We discuss the indie director’s short-but-prolific career, while also going in-depth on her criminally underseen 2017 drama Outside In. We also get into some talk about another hometown hero, Jeffery Dean Morgan (because why not), while also airing some recent cancelations, because that’s just the world we live in. Continue reading

John’s Favorite Horror Movies of the 2010s (Part 2)

I’m already regretting this list. It isn’t easy coming up with something profound to say about all of these movies. I try to tell myself what’s important is getting the recommendations out. These are all great movies. Even if I don’t have much to say about them.

One observation I made was that my first list had a lot of horror-comedies. This list has a lot of found footage. Is there a psychology to how I’m ranking these films? I’m not sure. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe I’m going mad. But we’re all a little mad, aren’t we? So without further ado, here’s 40-31 of my “Top 50 Horror Movies of the 2010s” or whatever I’m calling it.

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