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The Killers – Day & Age
I didn’t think anything was going to beat out Oasis for my favorite album of the year, but just leave it to The Killers to deliver the ultimate fix of 1980’s inspired rock on what might be their best album yet. Certainly, it’s their most indulgent.

Bursting out of the gates with the brass-heavy “Losing Touch” The Killers segue from genre to genre with a tight grip on melodies and musicianship. While songs like “Neon Tiger” and “Spaceman” are a welcomed continuation of The Killers’ Sam’s Town sound, songs like “Human” and “This is Your Life” are poppy forays into synth pop. The song “Joy Ride” is a new direction in sound with its percussive,  jazzy rhythm along with the more laid back “I Can’t Stay.” The high energy “Spaceman” is my favorite track on the album and there isn’t a single song here that I don’t enjoy. Even the slow, brooding “Goodnight, Travel Well” builds to a powerful and satisfying conclusion.

The Killers have evolved since their debut as mascara painted indie rockers to arena rock aficionados. Their attempts at trying out different ideas and themes have kept them fresh thus far and more fun. With the amount of radio friendly material, The Killers have produced they could probably release a respectable greatest hits compilation in a few years. The Killers have been consistent with releases for their fans and the quality of their music.

Sean and I have talked about albums we’d consider for a list of “Our Favorite albums of the 00s” in a few years and frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes up. I mean this album basically sums up why I like the genre, to begin with. Only time will tell if I grow old and cynical. Or lose touch.

Favorite Tracks: “Joy Ride”, “Losing Touch”, “Spaceman”