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Viva La Lemmevution

Cat Fancy would like to acknowledge that today is the anniversary of our very own Sean Lemme’s birth . I would of liked to put together a top ten for today but couldn’t manage to contact everyone in time… But don’t worry Sean you’ll get your very own T3 this thursday… Or will you? I guess it will be a surprise, I mean everyone likes surprises. So aside from it being “International Students Day” there are as well many famous personalities that Sean just happens to share a birthday with; Martin Scorsese, Danny DeVito, Lorne Michaels, Rachel McAdams, Gordon Lightfoot, Howard Dean, Stephen Root, RuPaul, Isaac Hanson and Jeff Buckley who died on my birthday in 1997… Oooh creepy. Well have a good one Sean for it may be your last…. I keed I keed.

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