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With spooky season coming to a close, we spend some time in the residence of the ookiest of all families, The Addamses. We do this by first delving into the history of this fictional family that originated with Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoon that was turned into a TV show that has always seemed to live in the shadow of The Munsters. The 1991 movie adaptation is a bundle of unbridled irreverence that is pretty up our alley considering its mix of the macabre and the wacky. It’s also a great movie to revisit this Shocktober if you’re looking for something to scratch that Halloween itch that isn’t necessarily scary, but still loads of dark fun. Snap, snap.

Colin’s Little Pick: Blue Rev by Alvvays (Album)
John’s Little Pick: Basketul of Heads by Joe Hill (Graphic Novel)
Sean’s Little Pick: The Rings of Power (TV Show)