The Pick: The Dead Zone

The ice is gonna break on this episode of The Pick! As this episode makes clear, we’d really like it if this line from the 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone became a classic movie line. So what better way for that to happen than more people being aware of this movie? It may not be the flashiest movie in David Cronenberg’s filmography, but it’s certainly a solid one that we have a pretty good time talking about. Much like this film’s brand of horror, we try to keep our Christopher Walken impressions restrained, but sometimes the ice just has to break.

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The Pick: The Lost Boys

There’s absolutely nothing interesting going on in the news right now, so why don’t you treat your ears to a couple of friends talking about sexy teen vampires? In addition to the vampires, the boys spend a lot of time talking about the sweaty sax man that you can never unsee after watching The Lost Boys. Additionally, we discuss how this film was one of the first movies to bring vampires into the modern age and we also spend a lot more time talking about McDonald’s than you’d expect.

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The Pick: Back To School

The Pick is back with Back To School! After an extended summer break, the boys return to Mildly Pleased’s flagship podcast to talk about movies. Unfortunately, this summer was not exactly the greatest summer for movies (did anyone actually end up seeing Tenet?), but at least there are always plenty of films from the past to dive into. This wasn’t exactly the newest or freshest film for all of us (due to many airings of it on Comedy Central), but it was still just fun to talk about the enduring appeal of Rodney Dangerfield as well as the Triple Lindy. Continue reading

The Pick: Outside In

Well, we’ve made it to the end of another season of The Pick, and in this finale we’re saying goodbye to one of our own — Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton, who passed away about a month ago. We discuss the indie director’s short-but-prolific career, while also going in-depth on her criminally underseen 2017 drama Outside In. We also get into some talk about another hometown hero, Jeffery Dean Morgan (because why not), while also airing some recent cancelations, because that’s just the world we live in. Continue reading

The Pick: Hot Rod

Everybody rev your engines, because this week we’re soaring off a jump and crashing our mopeds into a discussion of Hot Rod. Is it the most thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating conversation we’ve ever had? Not really. Does it feature us constantly recalling ridiculous jokes from the movie in question and chuckling to ourselves approvingly? You bet your ass. We also get a bit into the underrated movie career of Andy Sandberg and why there just wasn’t room for Hot Rod in the comedy-abundant Summer of 2007. Continue reading

The Pick: Dick Tracy

Get out your two-way wristwatches and your banana-colored trenchoats, because this week we’re talking about Dick Tracy. It’s a movie that seemed to be everywhere when it came out in 1990, and now is more or less forgotten. We delve into Warren Beatty’s long road to getting a Dick Tracy movie made, as well as all of the merch and marketing that went into making it a cultural phenomenon. Or at least, an attempted cultural phenomenon, since we also get into why the movie doesn’t really fit into our typical modern notions of a blockbuster. Also featured is a momentous edition of John’s Rogues Gallery. Continue reading

The Pick: Speed Racer

Here it comes, here comes The Pick! Once again this week we’re reviewing a live-action movie adaptation of a famous cartoon (and there just might be another one around the corner). Are we talking about these colorful films as some sort of way of escaping our current depressing reality? Possibly. Are we going to talk about John Goodman fighting ninjas? Definitely. It’s another episode of The Pick, this time dissecting The Wachowski’s Speed Racer and it’s rarin’ to go! Continue reading