The Pick: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Since it is wedding season, we’re taking a look at the biggest, fattest, Greekest one the movies have ever seen. John’s got some bones to pick with this light and breezy romantic comedy, while also marveling at the fact that it was an absolute monster hit back in 2002. Also, since this is the end of this admittedly short season, we take a look back at The Pick’s past with a quiz delving into the 58(ish) episodes we’ve recorded so far. Opa! Continue reading

The Pick: Jupiter Ascending

This time around, we round out our trio of episodes looking at The Wachowskis’ misunderstood non-Matrix movies. We discuss why this one has had less of a cult following than Speed Racer or Cloud Atlas since its release, as well as why audiences didn’t connect with it at the time despite its efforts to craft a grand, new sci-fi franchise born of original IP. Also, just in time for Summer, we dive into some cold beverage talk in our little picks. Continue reading

The Pick: Basic Instinct

We’re back with another sleazy movie from the ’90s with one of the most-parodied movies of its time, Basic Instinct. We dig a little bit into the movie’s status as one of the quintessential erotic thrillers as well as how Michael Douglas came to embody this very particular type of sexy murder mystery. We try to delve into things about it other than “that scene” while taking a stab at a Michael Douglas impression, which is apparently just a more nasally Jack Nicholson. Strap in for the pick of the century. Continue reading

The Pick: The Devil’s Advocate

Only in New York! This week we’re taking a look at a decidedly sinister and satanic look at NYC with the supernatural lawyer oddity that is The Devil’s Advocate. We discuss both Keanu Reeves’s perplexing accent as well as how Al Pacino arrived at the bombastic persona he embraced in the ’90s. Pacino’s turn as Satan himself (which isn’t really a spoiler) earns the actor a slot in our Three Timer’s Club while also becoming another one of our latest villains bent on committing omnicide. Continue reading

The Pick: Altered States

We’re a little late in posting this tribute to the late, great William Hurt. But hey, it’s always a good time to get in the tank. This episode, we go deep into this hard-to-classify sci-fi/horror oddity about a university scientist who goes from experiments in sensory deprivation tanks to drug-induced hallucinations to becoming a violent monkey man. It’s a movie made by a bunch of guys who seem a little too smart and talented for this material, and yet make it all the more fascinating in the process. Continue reading

The Pick: Batman & Robin

This time on The Pick, we take a break from Oscar talk to focus on that damn caped crusader who’s back in theaters again. After sharing some thoughts on The Batman, we delve into a deeper conversation about 1997’s Batman & Robin, a movie notorious for sinking the run of blockbusters that started with Tim Burton’s Batman. However, it’s a movie we have a soft spot for since it has been unfairly maligned over the years, as its decidedly campy take on the franchise now feels like a breath of icy fresh air compared to the unrelenting darkness of recent Batman. And come on, who can resist an unbelievably corny ice pun? Continue reading

The Pick: Sneakers

The gang’s all here for an especially sneaky episode of The Pick! After a lengthy break, we’re back with a tribute to perhaps the most legendary actor we’ve lost so far this year — Sidney Poitier. Of course, we do it by picking the movie of his that is most in line with this podcast’s very particular aesthetic, the somewhat forgotten but very entertaining Sneakers. In addition to Poitier, we also discuss the rest of the film’s stacked cast, which includes Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, David Straithairn, River Phoenix, but definitely not David Paymer (though we do talk about him a lot more than you’d expect). Continue reading