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Ohhh! Marone! It may be Shocktober, but there’s still nothing scarier than a mob hit. This week we’re talking about the big screen return (that kinda ended up being a small screen return due to streaming) of The Sopranos. We take a trip back to Jersey with The Many Saints of Newark by reminiscing a bit about one of the greatest TV shows ever as well as how best to assess this companion film in relation to the show. It’s a bit of a longer episode, since apparently it’s subject matter that we have a lot to say about, while we also throw in an extended segment that tests our Sopranos knowledge.

Colin’s Little Pick: Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (Compilation Album)
Sean’s Little Pick: Cripsy Chicken Sandwich Taco from Taco Bell (Fast Food Abomination)
John’s Little Pick: Boar’s Head Hot Uncured Capocollo (Deli Meat)

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