in Podcast

We’ve reassembled the squad for the first episode of The Pick of 2021! Hopefully this will be another fun and fruitful run of episodes that will see us continue to do what we do best — forcing each other to watch movies and then talk about them. This episode sees us diving into a recent release that probably would’ve been more fun to watch in a theater than on HBO Max, but that’s the reality of living in a world that can’t quite return to normal. Also, each one of us offers some decidedly musical Little Picks, which marks the return of John exploring McDonald’s recent trend of half-baked promotional meals endorsed by pop stars.

Sean’s Little Pick: T.I.A.P.F.Y.H. by Left At London (Album)
John’s Little Pick: The Saweetie Meal (McDonald’s Meal)
Colin’s Little Pick: Summer of Soul (Documentary)