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The election may be over, but we could still be heading toward a disastrous future in which only a muscley, tank-topped Channing Tatum can save us. Still, whatever the future holds, we can all agree we’ll be having a much more normal president in two months, and White House Down is a suitable, mind-numbing way of turning the page on the past four years. Hey, we’re even getting a new president with a “J” first name, just like our man James Sawyer and countless other movie presidents.

On this episode, we do a bit of a dive into the history of black presidents on-screen as well as some of our former presidents’ most notable pets. It’s kind of a weird one, but maybe it’s appropriate for the weird final days of a very weird presidency.

Colin’s Little Pick: Jeopardy! (TV Show)
John’s Little Pick: The Queen’s Gambit (TV Show)
Sean’s Little Pick: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Movie)