in Podcast, Shocktober

Instead of writing another Shocktober post, today I’m putting up our latest episode of The Pick. Keeping with this year’s Shocktober theme, we’re talking about one of the truly immortal horror franchises of the 2010s – Goosebumps! Ok, so maybe it’s less of a horror movie than a wacky comedy that aims to introduce kids to the beats of a horror movie. But either way, we get a lot of Jack Black talk in, both in regards to his weirdly entertaining performance in Goosebumps and the lack of him in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. Also, we manage to fit our ice-cold Joker takes into this jam-packed episode.

Sean’s Little Pick: Gemini Man (Movie)
Colin’s Little Pick: Hustlers (Movie)
John’s Little Pick: It Came From Ohio by R.L. Stine (Book)