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2007-08 TV Wrap Up

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, “hump day,” the gaping hole between CAT and T3. Also, this week is free of televised entertainment, with most shows having finished their season by now and the rest on hiatus for some reason. Sure, we’ve got Indy to look forward to, but for now, let’s take a look back at this last chaotic season of T.V.

Because of the WGA strike, almost every show had a painfully short season, making every episode that much more important. Some floundered under the pressure, others rose to the occasion. Let’s take a look.

Note that all star ratings rank this season versus all previous seasons.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

had another very strong season in 2007. Sure, not every episode was a complete knockout, but we got a number of classics this time around. From their adventures with garbage, to Dee dating a possibly retarded rapper, to the dance competition, this will definitely be a hard season to follow. But I think these guys can rise to the challenge.

The Office

Overall, this season of The Office was weaker than the previous three. While we got off to a great start with the extra-long “Fun Run” and “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” episodes, the majority of the post-strike episodes failed to hit the mark. I’m a big fan of a lot of what they where doing pre-strike, some of my favorite scenes from the show occurred then. But when they came back, the show felt really embarrassing, and some of the characters, especially Andy, began to feel played out. The finale was pretty strong, let’s hope that with with some more time to work the show picks up again for season five.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Not too much to say about CYE, really. Adding in the adopted family made for some really hilarious situations, and the show definitely remained at least as strong as it has been in the past. The season finale was my favorite thus far.


The sixth season of Scrubs was pretty weak compared to the first few, so I was glad they decided to end it this year. Then the strike messed that up. What we got was very little growing up on JD’s part, despite everyone telling him he had to. In fact, there was really only one character development during the whole season. And the episode that aired as the finale clearly was aired out of order. Let’s hope this classic can go out the right way this fall on ABC.

30 Rock

For the first few episodes of 30 Rock, I was scared that they had lost the charm from the first season. Then David Schwimmer showed up as Greenzo, and I realized the show was as funny as it had ever been. With a great season finale, this year 30 Rock cemented itself as must-see TV.

South Park

South Park seasons go throughout the year, so just to make sure you’re on the same page as me, the 2007 season started with “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson” and ended on “The List.” Ultimately, this was a pretty good year for the show. While the show usually is pretty hit-or-miss, I think they hit most of the time. Plus, Imagination Land was a pretty sweet arc, even if it did make up like 25% of the season.


The second season of Heroes definitely lost a lot of steam. We spent way to much time on stories we didn’t like with characters we didn’t care about. They’re gonna need to do something pretty huge to keep me watching this fall.

The rest: I only watched My Name is Earl every once in a while this year. The episodes I saw seemed fine, but I’m just not really interested in the show anymore. Sorry. Similarly, I only saw a couple episodes of The Simpsons. I am one of those people that thinks it’s time for the show to end, perhaps giving the writers a chance to start up a movie franchise. What I saw of Family Guy seemed as good as ever. Due to leaving the country, I missed a good chunk of Rescue Me. What I saw seemed as edgy as ever, it was probably pretty good. Of course, Battlestar Galactica has this week off. We’re already seven episodes into this half of the 20-episode final season, and it’s been darker than ever. Here’s hoping we get something resembling a happy ending when it finishes… next year.


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