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La Strada (1954)

I got some shit to say about this one…. Better get ready…

La Strada
(Sung to the tune of “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”)

Hello readers, it’s the Summah
Here’s my review of La Strada
Left me weeping and grief-stricken
But I liked the bad guy played by Anthony Quinn

The lead is Giulietta Masina
She plays a woman named Gelsomina
A strongman buys her named Zampano
Makes her dress up like a clown and act in his show

Sometimes she likes him. Sometimes she hates him
Cause he sleeps with other women
So she leaves him and meets Il Matto
A high wire artist and a clown, so simpatico

They join the circus, with Il Matto
But he clashes with Zampano
There’s some drama and it’s intense
And it builds up to an act of selfish violence

It’s about how life ain’t easy
A reflection of Fellini
The roads we travel can be erratic
Life is beauty but it’s also very tragic

I hate when movies are depressing
but the the acting’s so compelling
Love the music. Love the pacing
So I’ll give it my personal four star rating.

…I promise this is my last song parody review.