in Shocktober

In 92 days a decade will be laid to rest. We will say goodbye to the fads and trends of the 2010s. We will say “Nevermore!” to fidget spinners, clown sightings, and whatever Dat Boi was supposed to be. But one thing that will never die, one thing that will forever linger on like the living dead… are the movies.

What a decade for horror with classics like; Get Out, It Follows, The Babadook, The Witch, and more. I would argue the 2010s might be the best decade for horror second only to the 1980s. So we’re going to pay our respects with a 31-day tribute to some of the scariest, most thought-provoking, and most entertaining films of the decade. Welcome to “The 2010s: A Decade of Death”.

Check out our schedule below. Stay scared!

Author Day October Movie Country Year
John Tuesday 1 Julia’s Eyes Spain 2010
Sean Wednesday 2 Shutter Island USA 2010
Colin Thursday 3 Piranha 3D USA 2010
John Friday 4 Insidious USA/Canada 2010
John Saturday 5 The Woman USA 2011
Sean Sunday 6 Attack the Block UK 2011
John Monday 7 Sleep Tight Spain 2011
John Tuesday 8 Maniac France/USA 2012
Colin Wednesday 9 The Woman In Black UK 2012
John Thursday 10 American Mary Canada 2012
Colin Friday 11 The Purge USA 2013
John Saturday 12 A Field in England UK 2013
Colin Sunday 13 The Conjuring USA 2013
John Monday 14 Housebound New Zealand 2014
John Tuesday 15 The Blackcoat’s Daughter Canada/USA 2015
Sean Wednesday 16 Bone Tomahawk USA 2015
John Thursday 17 Demon Poland 2015
John Friday 18 The Wailing South Korea 2016
Sean Saturday 19 Green Room USA 2016
Colin Sunday 20 The Love Witch USA 2016
Sean Monday 21 Train to Busan South Korea 2016
Colin Tuesday 22 Mother! USA 2017
John Wednesday 23 1922 USA 2017
Colin Thursday 24 Creep 2 USA 2017
Sean Friday 25 The Killing of a Sacred Deer Ireland/UK 2017
Colin Saturday 26 Suspiria Italy/USA 2018
John Sunday 27 Climax France 2018
Sean Monday 28 Hereditary USA 2018
John Tuesday 29 One Cut of the Dead Japan 2019
John Wedneday 30 Us USA 2019
Sean Thursday 31 Something HORRORBLE