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Do you have any idea how many blockbusters are coming out this year? Do you even know? Disney alone is releasing three remakes of animated classics, two Marvel movies, sequels to Toy Story and Frozen, and a Star Wars. A STAR WARS! And that’s just Disney! Will this be the year the box office implodes on itself? Or it will be the opposite? Will, any of us make it to 2020? Will mankind survive?!?

With that proclamation of doom out of the way let’s look at John, Sean, and Colin’s most and least anticipated films of 2019! 🙂

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John’s Most Anticipated
10. Parasite
9. Midsommar
8. Pet Semetary
7. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
6. Brightburn
5. The Lighthouse
4. The Irishman
3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
2. Detective Pikachu
1. Us

Sean’s Most Anticipated
10. Ad Astra
9. It: Chapter Two
8. Jojo Rabbit
7. Knives Out
6. Little Women
5. The Irishman
4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
3. Us
2. Star Wars: Episode IX
1. The Avengers: Endgame

Colin’s Least Anticipated
10. The Joker
9. Terminator 6
8. Playmobil; The Movie
7. Kingsman 3
6. Cats
5. What Men Want
4. A Dog’s Journey
3. The Angry Birds Movie 2
2. Rocketman
1. Aladdin/Dumbo/The Lion King