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Dessa – Chime

Before Robyn came back, I had Dessa. She’s a rapper, part of the collective Doomtree, who branched out a little bit with her latest solo album, Chime. It’s a cool record that blends fiery and wordplay-heavy hip hop with slower, poppier songs to build an overall narrative about a woman who is angry, conflicted, anxious, confused, and all the other emotions that capture our current climate.

I’m not even sure which half I prefer. The second track, “5 Out of 6,” is like slam poetry being recited over a killer beat, it absolutely bangs. But later on, songs like “Boy Crazy” and “Half of You” really do seem like top tier pop ballads. I guess the coolest thing is that every song feels like it’s coming from the same person, all part of the same whole. Life’s complex, yo.

Favorite Tracks: “5 Out of 6,” “Boy Crazy,” “Half of You”