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It may be another year, another Shocktober. But this year we decided to do something different, by recording a draft of our picks for this year’s monthlong ode to horror movies. Granted, it’s not that new, since this is just the same thing we do to divvy out our Criterion month picks. But nonetheless, here’s a fun little thing to listen to while waiting for the most spookiest of seasons to begin. See you in Shocktober!

Author Day October Movie Country Year
Colin Monday 1 Black Sunday Italy 1960
John Tuesday 2 Black Sabbath Italy 1963
John Wednesday 3 Daughters of Darkness Belgium 1971
Colin Thursday 4 The Wicker Man UK 1973
John Friday 5 Rabid Canada 1977
John Saturday 6 Faces of Death USA 1978
Colin Sunday 7 Nosferatu the Vampyre Germany 1979
John Monday 8 Inferno Italy 1980
Colin Tuesday 9 The Fog USA 1980
John Wednesday 10 Harlequin Australia 1980
Colin Thursday 11 Prom Night Canada 1980
Sean Friday 12 Day of the Dead USA 1985
Sean Saturday 13 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer USA 1986
Colin Sunday 14 Single White Female USA 1992
Sean Monday 15 Pi USA 1998
Colin Tuesday 16 The Blair Witch Project USA 1999
Sean Wednesday 17 Battle Royale Japan 2000
Colin Thursday 18 Frailty USA 2001
John Friday 19 Dead End France 2003
John Saturday 20 Noroi the Curse Japan 2005
Sean Sunday 21 Timecrimes Spain 2007
John Monday 22 Splinter USA 2008
Sean Tuesday 23 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sweden 2009
John Wednesday 24 Grace USA 2009
Sean Thursday 25 I Saw The Devil South Korea 2010
John Friday 26 Beyond the Black Rainbow Canada 2010
Sean Saturday 27 Take Shelter USA 2011
Colin Sunday 28 WolfCop Canada 2014
John Monday 29 Found Footage 3D USA 2016
John Tuesday 30 Revenge France 2018
Sean Wednesday 31 Horrorble 2018