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Maybe I don’t really wanna know, how your garden grows cos I just want to listen to Rokk Talk. Some pretty interesting things have been going on across the pond, lately. So let’s roll back to a simpler time… the 90s! Listen as John and Colin reassess the biggest Britpop bands of the time. Who knows what they will uncover? “Just because you sell lots of records it doesn’t mean to say you’re any good. Look at Phil Collins.” Bless you, Noel Gallagher.

Yesterday and Today Picks

Yesterday: Happy End – Kazemachi Roman
Today: Ryuichi Sakamoto – async

The Creation – Action Painting
Today: The Mountain Goats – Goths

Rock Book Club Recommendation
Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain

  1. I haven’t listened yet but think it’s important to assert that there’s only one version of “Common People” and it’s by Captain Kirk himself, Canada’s own William Shatner.

    • Also, I’m happy Break Free guy made the cut on the artwork.

    • I feel like we already went pretty in depth into the Shatner version in Rokk Talk Ep. 3. He’s gotten enough glory.

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