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Chris Farren – Can’t Die

As long as Colin is writing about Jeff Rosenstock, I should probably say something about his Antarctigo Vespucci bandmate, Chris Farren, who also released a solo album this year.

Can’t Die is Chris Farren’s solo debut, but you might also know him from the band Fake Problems or his eclectic Christmas album Like a Gift from God or Whatever. Between all those projects, you’ll get a good sense of Farren’s poppy, introspective, self-deprecating sensibilities, which are fully represented on Can’t Die.

Farren definitely is relatable, as he sings about wanting to be liked, guilt, the realization that the world doesn’t revolve around him and that one day he will die (but it will be OK). I’m with you, brother.

Generally, the music is anthemic, driving, and upbeat. There’s lots of guitars and pianos, but Farren brings the synths when they’re called for too. It’s the best kind of feel-good music, and this year needed a lot of that. If you can’t get worked up over “Say U Want Me,” go to the hospital. You need help.

Favorite Tracks: “Say U Want Me,” “Still Beating,” “Everything’s My Fault”