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The original idea for Top Ten Thursdays was a simple solution to two problems: one, writing T3 posts on the blog was a contentious, time-consuming affair and two, Da Podcasket was a meandering, directionless mess. So doing a podcast where we made lists seemed to be the perfect solution – it would be easier to jot down nominees and talk about them as a group than to try to do the whole thing solo written, and our podcast would have an actual hook to get people interested. But as our professional lives became more busy and we invented other types of shows that better complimented our strengths, Top Ten Thursdays became something of a black sheep – or perhaps even an albatross keeping us from podcasting.

So we decided it was time to retire the old girl. But we couldn’t do that without a proper send-off, which is what you have here as episode 100 (give or take a few). Join us as we reminisce over some of our favorite moments while trying to track the history of the show over its four and a half year run. You know we did this one right: little to no research, one long take, plenty of jokes we’ll regret later. It’s the end of T3, Judgement Day is finally here! The machines will rise!

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