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Disclaimer: This post has nothing to with either the 1976 or 2003 version of the film Freaky Friday, my deepest apologies.

Earlier this week I alluded to a new weekly segment at Mildly Pleased and the time has come. We’ve had many segments over our eight years in existence; Classic Album Tuesdays, Top Ten Thursday’s, The People’s Albums, Obsessong, Retrospecticus and The Vault. Let’s not forget my favorite yearly tradition, Shocktober, where we spend 31 days reviewing 31 horror movies.

Recently, I was contemplating whether I could extend my love for Shocktober to all year round. An opportunity to discuss not only horror movies, but all kinds of cult cinema. An opportunity to delve into hard sci-fi, 80s action movies, Exploitation, Blaxploitation, Christploitation, and maybe a few Beastmaster films.

Think of this as a love letter to the VHS era. Many of the movies I will review will be ones I vividly remember sitting on shelves in colorful cardboard boxes. In fact, the name “Freaky Fridays” refers to what my Dad use to say when it was time to rent a video on a Friday night. It’s not because every Friday we switched bodies… Or did we?

My goal is to carry this new segment all the way to Shocktober. Whether I will continue it come November 2016 is unknown at this time. Hey, remember how we’re going to have a new president in November? *shudder. Let’s not get too freaky yet. Stay tuned.