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Colleen Green – I Want To Grow Up

I’d really like to help out with the whole 2015 Music Roundup endeavor, because as you may know, I do enjoy writing about music.  But the thing is, I enjoy writing about music so much that I felt compelled to write about most of the music I liked from this year when it came out.  In fact, I feel like I was more or less the only person writing about new music on this blog in 2015, so do you really need to hear my thoughts on one more indie rock album that you forgot to check out (or didn’t check out because you’d never heard of it)?  Well, I’ll give you one more to chew on, since Colleen Green’s I Want To Grow Up is one I found myself rocking out to quite a bit this year, but just happened to be one that I didn’t catch on to until a bit after its release and maybe was never quite distinctive enough for me to want to write about it.

That said, I Want To Grow Up is indistinctive in all the ways that I would want an album to be, meaning it’s filled with the kind of fuzzy slacker pop that I will usually be down for, and will be even more down for when it’s coming from someone with Colleen Green’s level of deadpan cool.  It also happens to be the kind of album I had an easy time falling for because as you might guess from its title, it explores some ideas that are near and dear to most people my age.  What I’m talking about is the eternal question of whether your 20’s should be a time to grow the fuck up, or to just say “fuck that B.S.” and just do whatever feels good, baby.  I personally have not found any sort of concrete answer to this question, and thankfully neither has Colleen Green over the course of I Want To Grow Up‘s 10 tracks (not all of which are perfect admittedly, so who knows if this’ll make my top 10 of the year).  But what I can say is pretty perfect is the song “TV”, a romantic ode to television and all of its comforting qualities that makes one wish that human relationships were as simple as the one’s we have with the screens we spend our hours staring at.

Favorite Tracks: “I Want To Grow Up”, “TV”, “Things That Are Bad For Me (Pt. 1)”