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Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars

A month and a half ago, in his Depression Cherry review, Colin expressed a retiscence to submit to Beach House’s alluring ways. Their sound was consistent and unchanging, and their appeal only lasted him for as long as their latest album felt new. As if to answer Colin’s particular needs, Beach House then went out and made another album this year and got it out only a couple months after that last one. That’s really fast, probably too fast. I can’t speak for Colin, but Depression Cherry still feels really new to me. Did we need a new one so soon?

Probably not, Depression Cherry was really great. Releasing Thank Your Lucky Stars especially seems like an odd move because Beach House has been quite firm in stressing that it is not a companion piece or b-side collection. It’s simply another new album, they say. And that’s true, I don’t think you can play these back-to-back and gleam any greater meaning. Maybe you could do a crazy playlist of all the songs from both albums arranged by feel, that would be really cool. Maybe I’ll go do that next. But I guess I should tell you if I like this first.

The answer is of course I do. I’m a sucker for the Beach House. I wouldn’t put this one too high up on the list (Depression Cherry‘s still my preferred LP this year) but it still has that same ethereal, dream pop sound that I can’t get enough of and Colin can, apparently. I wish I had some incite into why some things resonate with some people more than others but I don’t. All I can tell you is that Thank Your Lucky Stars is a little more downbeat than their past few albums have been, but still quite beautiful. Lots of reverb and strategically placed wailing guitars. I’ll take as much of it as I can get.

Favorite Tracks: “All Your Yeahs,” “One Thing,” “Elegy to the Void”