in The Vault

If there are two things I like they are: 1) Theme months and 2) Bad Puns. That being said, I proudly present “Ape-ril”, a month long celebration of The Planet of the Apes! “Why Planet of the Apes? Why not other ape movies like Dunston Checks In or Ed?” Avoiding the obvious response (those movies suck balls), I find it much easier to put together a successful movie month if the theme is clearly mapped out. Sure, I could review Matt LeBlanc high-fiving a chimp but where does that list begin? Where does it end? Putting that together could make me go bananas! So I opted for The Planet of the Apes franchise, a franchise that has at least one good film and a clear end. Not to mention there is another Planet of the Apes movie coming out this summer. So kick back and start throwing that feces, it’s “APE-RIL!”