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I have some other posts I want to write, but for some reason I feel like I can’t until I at least mention the Seattle Seahawks. Last night’s drubbing of the Denver Broncos was not only a fun game to watch, it was the first real championship by a Seattle team that’s occurred during my lifetime. After so many years of pain and disappointment, I finally know what it’s like to support a winning team. The whole experience was in a way anti-climactic in that it was such a lopsided victory. Maybe it would have been more memorable had it been closer, or maybe it’s even better that our team was so good that the opposing team didn’t even stand a chance. Either way I’m quite content to win the big one.

Some people live their entire lives without knowing the pride of having a winning team. Even just a few years ago Forbes voted Seattle as the most depressing sports city… No More. Who knows what happens next? More championships? Is that greedy? All I know for now is that I’m proud of my team and my city. Now I can get back to posting about things that really matter, like movies and stuff.

  1. Seahawks win the Super Bowl, America wins the Winter Olympics and then the Mariners go all the way… Right?

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