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NES Remix

On December 18th, an online Nintendo Direct presentation revealed lots of exciting info on some upcoming titles. Particularly, a new Zelda game built in the mold of a Dynasty Warriors game. They also announced and released a new game, “Nes Remix” that day on the Nintendo eShop. Developed by indiezero, Nes Remix is a compilation of classic Nintendo games presented in rapid fire mini-game fashion. Much in the vein of Wario Ware, Nes Remix has a wide variety of different challenges with a rising difficulty. Though most importantly, Nes Remix gives players a greater appreciation of the titles that helped make Nintendo what it is today.

Comprised of 204 challenges from 16 classic NES titles, including remix challenges that combine games, Nes Remix has enough variety that it can be hard to put down. Titles include: Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight, and Clu Clu Land to name a few. Challenges can be as simple as, “Kill all the enemies” in a Mario Stage or as difficult as guiding Mario through a remix stage where the platforms are now invisible. The original games are presented just as we remember them, even Ice Climbers retains its shaky controls and infuriating challenges. Why not improve on these old games? Because that would kill the nostalgia. Part of the charm of playing these old games is embracing the learning curves and still coming out on top. I may be pissed that Donkey Kong Jr. dies from such a small fall but when I take him to the top, it’s the best.

Classics like Mario and Donkey Kong are always fun but I found the most pleasure in playing the overlooked classics. I now have a great deal of appreciation for “Wrecking Crew”, which may be my favorite game in the compilation. Even Golf can be addictive once you learn the controls, or lack thereof. It can be frustrating but also very satisfying as you advance. The addition of collectable 8bit Nintendo stamps is more incentive to do well on stages. On any given mini-game you can be rated on a 1-3 star rating, which adds plenty of replay.

For anyone familiar with most of these games, the best reason to pick up Nes Remix is for the remix stages. Trippy effects can be added to classic stages, a player might be asked to play several different games in succession, or even play a mashup. Ever imagine what it would be like if Link was in Donkey Kong? This is the game for you. It’s hard to say whether this whole collection is worth $15 dollars but if you’re a diehard Nintendo fan this game will leave you all smiles.