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Baths – Obsidian

Did I really never write anything about Obsidian? I feel like I’ve been listening to it all year, even though it came out in May. Well, what can I tell you about it? It’s the second album by Baths, another talented young electronic one-man show. It’s kind of like the lush synthy stuff I tend to listen to, but way darker. This Baths guy, he’s dealing with a lot of stuff like the reality of adulthood, who he is, and his place in the world. But it’s also really pretty and totally one of those albums that can really suck you in if you give it a chance. Obsidian has been one of my go-to albums for the bus ride to school all year, and I still think it’s really good all these listens later. So expect to hear about it again… Even though Colin is totally unmoved by it.