in Review

We did it in 2010. We did it in 2012. And now it’s back and bigger than ever than ever for 2013: the annual music-we-liked-but-couldn’t-be-bothered-to-review jamboree! So if you’ve been hankering for brief, rushed reviews of some great albums, you’re in luck. We’ve got like a whole month of them coming up. Like last year, I’ll throw in a YouTube of a song I particularly like in the place of the favorite tracks feature so you can sample each band. December, bitches.

Foals – Holy Fire

Foals’ 2010 album Total Life Forever is considered a big deal, I guess, because all the reviews I read reference it and how Holy Fire doesn’t live up to its ambition. Which, I don’t know, is just one of those things that I can’t relate to, since this is the first of their albums I heard. You’ll notice this setup is a recurring one between my recap posts. Anyway, Holy Fire is at its best when the babd is willing to spend some time on a song – I feel like the longer tracks are pretty successful at merging hypnotic sustainability with exciting emotion. Their sound is full of great comparisons, from the Talking Heads to Radiohead to TV on the Radio, and ever since I heard this album last spring it’s been a top choice for late night listening. Maybe you’ve heard the hit “My Number” on the radio, but this album is much more than that. Enjoy!