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Wavves – Afraid of Heights

I first heard “Demon to Lean On” on college radio, so automatically it must be cool. I’d heard the name Wavves before their fourth and most recent studio album but could never put it to a sound. Now I get it. Wavves is slacker garage rock led by the warbling monotone of frontman Nathan Williams. Don’t get me wrong, when I say “warbling monotone” that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Much in the style of Liam Gallagher, Williams sings long drawn out vocal phrases with few acrobatics and sometimes that really works. His wandering, slightly Britpop drone is what defines this San Diego foursome and that’s just as prevalent as ever on Afraid of Heights.

I like the mix of angsty attitude and power pop flowing through the veins of Afraid of Heights, though it’s the single that really resonates. “Demon to Lean On” has building verses that call back to Nirvana in the best way. The number hits full singalong status by the time it hits the chorus and from then on I’m a happy, if not grungy camper. The album stays afloat with muddy but still catchy numbers that range from fun, to far-fetched, to slightly forgettable. I liked the album but have no real interest to pursue anything else Wavves has done, including the song they wrote for the new GTA. I hear people like it, good for them.

Favorite Tracks: “Afraid of Heights”, “Demon to Lean On”, “Dog”

Also, this band has the coolest bass player of all time.