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Chairlift – Something

Here’s that indie synth pop stuff that I guess I’ve become associated with. I don’t mind, I like it. Although I’m a little iffy about Something, because I’m not sure if I like all of it, or just really like “I Belong in Your Arms” and appreciate the rest of it. Right now, I lean towards the former, though I may switch to the latter just to make my list-making easier. However, despite “I Belong in Your Arms” being one of the greatest songs from this year, I can definitely point to other high points. Such as “Frigid Spring,” one of the last tracks on the album, a song that reminds me of Beck. But with a lady singer. Lady Beck. That’s what she would be called in a Shakespearean play. Are these posts helpful?

Favorite Tracks: “I Belong in Your Arms,” “Ghost Tonight,” “Frigid Spring”