in Shocktober

I can’t believe it! October all ready? So little time for me to write about so many movies. Can I pull it off? Now that’s the scary part. Yes, it’s Shocktober here at Mildly Pleased and that means 31 days of horror movie themed posts. In the past I’ve written about some of the classics, some of my favorites, and some of my not so favorites. Following the tradition of having a theme, this year’s theme is none other than the 80s. A predictable, but always entertaining choice when talking horror movies. But why the 80s exactly? Well not only was it the one of the best eras for the genre, but it was also one of the weirdest. It showcased the rise of slashers, brought makeup effects to new heights, and contained some of the most hilariously bad B-movies you’ll ever see. This list will be a little bit from all those categories and more! So strap in to your DeLorean and turn back the clock, it’s time for “Shocktober: I Love the 80s!”