in Shocktober

Here’s a little freaky fun and an easy way to up our post count! It’s my personal breakdown of this year’s Shocktober. I returned to a lot of favorites this year while discovering a few new favorites… And some new films that I hate. Either way here’s this year in a nutshell. Read at your own will!

Five Favorite
5. The Howling
4. They Live
3. Return of the Living Dead
2. The Monster Squad
1. Day of the Dead

Five Least Favorite
5. The Entity
4. From Beyond
3. The Gate
2. C.H.U.D.
1. Ghost Story

Biggest Surprise
Slumber Party Massacre – I can’t believe a movie with such a terrible title and uninspired premise could be so entertaining. Like, ya know? Whatever.

Biggest Disappointment
C.H.U.D. – This movie sounded like it would be one of those movies that’s “So bad it’s good.” Instead it was just “So bad it’s bad.”

Favorite Performance
Terry O’Quinn (The Stepfather) – Terry O’Quinn shows that he can be intimidating even WITH hair.

Favorite Makeup Effects
Day of the Dead – Because of this scene. Skip to about 2:22 for the money shot.

Most Bizarre
From Beyond – This movie has flying, inter-dimensional worms… And that’s not even the weirdest part of it.

Most Mentioned Person
Tom Savini – Tom “Sex Machine” Savini worked on 6 of the 31 movies selected for Shocktober this year. The man knows his murdered corpses.

The Most 80s
Return of the Living Dead – It’s a tough one, but the fact that half the cast is essentially 80s stereotypes gives it the win.

Check back later tonight for my final Shocktober send-off post. Happy Haunting!