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Do you believe in destiny? Were you fated to read this podcast description or did you truly arrive here of your own free will? If you could, would you go back and change your decision to be here? Would you change it all? Would you believe we found a way to talk about Back to the Future again? If Bruce Willis traveled back in time, and you were Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Bruce Willis said, “you grow up to be me,” wouldn’t you be pretty damn psyched about the rest of your life? If there’s anything I learned from the G.I. Joe 2 trailer, it’s that Bruce Willis is the coolest old man.

Top 10 time travel movies after the break, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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10. Time After Time
9. Time Bandits
8. Planet of the Apes
7. Timecrimes
6. Midnight in Paris
5. Groundhog Day
4. 12 Monkeys
3. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
2. The Terminator/T2: Judgement Day
1. Back to the Future

  1. It sounds like they tried to cash in on nostalgia cheaply, so I’m actually impressed it turned out this well. Are there any Tony Hawk 3 levels, or is the revert just supposed to be DLC with levels from that game? Apparently Tony Hawk really likes those downhill jam levels, he basically insisted they be in the game.

    Supposedly the PC version is the worst yet, lacking multiplayer completely.

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