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Beach House – Bloom

If there’s a bad song by Beach House, I haven’t heard it. It’s possible, I still haven’t gone back and listened to their first two albums, despite Teen Dream being one of my favorite records in 2010. Bloom, their newest release, has the same vibe that made me really like them two years ago, which is pretty great, since no one else sounds like this.

“Lush” is probably a good word for Beach House’s sound. It has a ringing, melodic, almost slow motion quality. The kind of music that envelops and enraptures, vibrating a deep, emotional chord that lots of music cannot reach. As my colleague Colin put it, in his discussion of the last album, they have an “expansive sound, while somehow feeling haunting and intimate at the same time.”

So what’s changed between albums? Not too much, methinks. As much as Teen Dream was a gateway for me, and probably still my favorite of their albums, if someone, especially a newcomer said that about Bloom, I’d have no beef with them. This is a more sophisticated album, perhaps one that warrants more listens to become completely submerged into – something I wouldn’t have said about Teen Dream. But when and if it does sink in, Bloom is an absolute delight.

Favorite Tracks: “Myth,” “Lazuli,” “Wishes”

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