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The Shins – Port of Morrow

It took listening to the a new Shins albums a few times to remind myself that I actually really like this band. I was even a fan of the Broken Bells, even though it seems most people consider that a waste of James Mercer’s time. After reading about how Mercer fired members of the band a few times, I got it into my head that he was a big jerk. Then I finally realized it’s not really my problem how he runs his band, really all I’ve got to do is listen to the music and see if I like it. So I downloaded Port of Morrow and…

I think it’s pretty good. Port of Morrow isn’t my favorite Shins album, the identity of which I will keep a secret, but it’s another great release from a band that has yet to disappoint. That the band here has nothing in common with the original Shins lineup save for Mercer is obvious from the very first song, “The Rifle’s Spiral,” which sounds like it could be off a new Broken Bells LP. But the very next track, “Simple Song” picks up where Wincing the Night Away left off, a joyous pop party.

The rest of the album holds up as well as the first couple tracks. I particularly like the first half of this 10-track collection, but the back half has a few gems as well, including the nostalgic “Fall of ’82.” The Shins are a neat project by a guy who makes music I like. I’m glad I was able to remember that.

Favorite Tracks: “The Rifle’s Spiral,” “Simple Song,” “Fall of ’82”

  1. I liked this album as well, which surprised me considering I hadn’t listened to The Shins since 2005.

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