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History provides a deep well of leaders and followers working together, like… Caesar and Brutus. That’s true in the world of cinema as well, with great teams of actors and directors. What’s that? Filmmaking is a collaboration? Don’t tell that to John Ratzenberger, that poor guy’s been the indentured slave of Pixar for years. Let’s instead focus on the actor-director teams that brought out the best in each other, whether that be true love or murderous rage.

Lookout below!

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10. Bill Murray / Wes Anderson
9. John Goodman / The Coen Brothers
8. Diane Keaton / Woody Allen
7. Gene Wilder / Mel Brooks
6. John Wayne / John Ford
5. Humphry Bogart / John Huston
4. Jack Lemmon / Billy Wilder
3. Jimmy Stewart / Alfred Hitchcock
2. Toshiro Mifune / Akira Kurosawa
1. Robert De Niro / Martin Scorsese

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