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Finally leaving the domain of movies for a change, the guys take on perhaps their most heated topic yet: TV show title sequences. Yes, those memorable segments at the beginning of shows that you probably forgot about ever since you got your DVR. It’s a battle of visuals and music; the catchy versus the memorable, the time-tested classics versus modern marvels. A topic so deep and with some many options, there’s quite a high probability one of your favorites won’t even get an honorable mention. Strap in baby, it’s time to get your T3 on.

Or you could just skip the whole show and read our final list. I wouldn’t do it, but we’re all for free will here.

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10. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
9. Miami Vice
8. All in the Family
7. The Drew Carey Show
6. The Sopranos
5. The Simpsons
4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
3. Mad Men
2. Batman: The Animated Series
1. Cheers

  1. So why does the outro song start randomly playing 59:20? Not that there isn’t already a ton of sound mistakes on this thing.

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