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Dr. Dog – Be the Void

Here’s an album I didn’t think I’d be the one reviewing. Dr. Dog is a band I’ve always liked, but more on an individual song basis than entire albums. For example, “My Old Ways” is a tune I love to listen to, but right now I probably couldn’t tell you what any other song off We All Belong sounds like. Nonetheless, the latest release from these titans of lofi has been out for a few weeks now and if I didn’t write about it, I fear time might forget about it.

The big question about a new album from Dr. Dog is how they’ve improved production values. I can’t say they’ve improved over Shame, Shame. Rather, they’ve gone it bit backwards. While Dr. Dog’s last album was beautiful, this time they went for the fuzzy, classic rock feel of their early, self-recorded material. Everything’s fairly anthemic, energetic and exciting to listen to – I’d say this album has as many catchy tracks as any other of their albums.

After 2011 saw many of my favorite bands release disappointing new albums, it’s really pleasing to hear Dr. Dog, after five albums, is as good as ever. And if you can listen to “How Long Must I Wait” and not find it stuck in your head later, you’re not human.

Favorite Tracks: “Lonesome,” “How Long Must I Wait,” “Get Away”