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Shocktober: Day 26

Jason X (2001)

I saw this film when it was still new to home video (sure sounds weird to say that now) and even back then I thought it was one of the dumbest things I’d ever seen, though I was 13 and you know how cynical teenagers can be. But no seriously this has to be the worst installment of The Friday the 13th series, true I’ve probably only seen about four of them but as we all know space is always a last ditch attempt for a dying franchise. As if Jason wasn’t already hard enough to kill in earlier entries this time he becomes a cyborg half way into the movie after a medical station like rebuilds him? I try not to think about it because it gives me brain damage, but let’s see what if anything I can still recall.

So Jason (Kane Hodder) is captured by the U.S. Government in 2008 and after several failed attempts to kill him they decide to cryogenically freeze him in the distant year of 2010. 445 years later on the new planet Earth 2, a group of students and their android friend take a field trip to Jason’s research facility and find Jason frozen along with Rowan LaFontaine (Lexa Doig) a government scientist, so the students decide to take back both of them to their spaceship. Of course as we all know coming into any kind of contact with Jason means certain death and that’s basically what happens, it’s new packaging but still the same old shit inside.

There’s a few new elements to this installment like androids, some kind of alternate reality simulator that takes Jason back to Crystal Lake, and robo-Jason but really it’s another desperate attempt to reignite a dying franchise. I think you can already predict that it ends with Jason being sucked into the space but what does it matter? They’re just gonna keep making these so why should I care about anything that happens in these movies? As a matter of fact they did another installment just two years later with Freddy vs. Jason. I get why other horror franchises like Nightmare on Elm Street have had a lot of sequels. Nightmare has lots of possibilities with the dream world and a charismatic villain, but what does Friday the 13th have? It’s just another mute moron killing machine with literally no personality or interesting characteristics and what, there’s like 12 of them? Whatever, fuck this shit this is pissing me off!

I should probably post some pic or video or something but whatever I’m too pissed off.