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Patton Oswalt – Finest Hour

Stumbling upon this was kind of happy accident for me. There I was just browsing through the comedy section of my itunes library and wondering “I wonder when the next Patton Oswalt album comes out?” So I looked it up on the web and without any prior knowledge discovered it had come out that same day, don’t you love it when stuff like that happens? Of course I was ecstatic as Patton Oswalt is my favorite standup comedian, though the origin of that is quite unusual. I missed my chance to see him at Sasquatch (this was before I was a fan) to go see OK Go and after hearing about it from Sean and Colin I felt the only way I could make up for it was by checking out one of his albums. Since then I’ve bought or downloaded all of Patton’s comedy albums and seen most of his specials and I gotta tell ya, it’s my kind of humor. It’s like it combines the intellectual humor I like from comics like David Cross and then the fat/lazy guy humor I like from comedians like Jim Gaffigan, so it’s the best of both worlds. Though I’m younger and I don’t think I’m quite the caliber of nerd that Patton is I can still find his humor highly relatable and easily accessible, this album is no exception.

Recorded at the Moore Theater in Seattle (wish I could’ve been there) Patton returns to tell more cynical misadventures from his every day life. A strong recurring theme this time seems to be sweatpants, including many jokes where Patton is wearing sweatpants with a t-shirt that’s the same color. This subject leads to an album highlight about a fat guy buying ham, a joke I had heard much about before this album came out. As a matter of fact many of this album’s best jokes are about fat guys, just the way Patton describes them. How Patton will describe a guy as “tragic avalanche fat” and then talk about that same guy eating a hamburger, “It’s like he took three bites and then reassembled it whole it in his mouth. I solved the puzzle!” I can’t get enough of his fat guy voices.

But Patton has always been well known for his edgy topical side as well, discussing politics or whatever is current. My favorite one here is about gay marriage and how Patton decides to make fun of some people’s blind devotion to the bible. “Just because you like something in a book doesn’t mean you can have the thing you like in the book happen in real life! That’s what crazy people want! I can’t go to the white house with a bunch of Green Lantern comics and go I WANT A GREEN LANTERN RING!” He’s always been great at tearing down issues to their most simplistic form and here he kills it.

Though perhaps my favorite moment in the entire show is a very brief bit where Patton talks about how he “Jock Rocks” his life by constantly singing to himself. He does a few examples but my favorite by far is when Patton sings “Jerking off to internet porn in my office when I should teach my daughter to read!” There’s so many great moments and though I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much as his last album My Weakness is Strong and of course nothing will ever beat Werewolves and Lollipops it’s another fine addition to an already stellar comedic career

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