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Good news everyone, I’ve finally got the webcomics aspect of the site mostly working! This took a while, since I basically had to learn PHP and all sorts of fun backend stuff that most real websites just hire out to professionals. If you didn’t already know, the main reason we moved from Da Morgue Dot Org to here is because John and I wanted to get started on this webcomic. And now we have. Now I just have to keep inking and coloring these babies. For the rest of my life…

As a bonus, the image you see here is one of two deleted scenes from our inaugural strip. What do you think? Pretty cool, eh? We made that. Now you could make that, I don’t know, your iPhone wallpaper.


  1. Looks great, I just wish I could click on the top one and make it bigger in another window. Also, interesting choice of dialogue for the House segment.

  2. I thought it was funnier if House hated Kutcher instead of an innocent, dying man.

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