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C.A.T: Please Please Me

The Beatles – Please Please Me (1963)

You got to crank out an album from a heavy hitter every once in awhile right? Nah, I just couldn’t think of anything, basically it was between one Beatles album and another Bealtes album. Please Please Me gets the edge over With the Beatles for a handful of reasons; more Lennon and McCartney compositions, some of the best early Beatles hits and hey, this is where it all started man, the birth of Beatlemania, very fab.

Please Please Me showcases all the charm and style of The Beatle’s early sound; high energy pop songs, more traditional rock songs and pleasing covers often of soft ballads (with the exception of the iconic “Twist and Shout”) You could almost use this one album as a transitional piece from the classic rock/pop of the 50s to the birth of the “Sixties Sound” whatever that is in your mind. It’s like they took where Buddy Holly left off and took rock to heights so great it could only be labeled as an invasion.

It’s amazing how with all the passing years this album doesn’t feel at all dated, what’s up with that? Is it the strength of the compositions? The production? Maybe a little bit of both? I’ll mark all of the above on that one. I’d love to do this album the justice it deserves with a more comprehensive review, but do you want to know a secret? I’m so tired… Uh oh I better stop now or I’ll just be working Beatles song names into my sentences, there’s a place for that.

Favorite Tracks: “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Love Me Do”, “There’s a Place”

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