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Undercover Brother

The moment has finally come for Strokes fans, what do you call Strokes fans? “Strokers”? That sounds bad. Anyways, today marks the official release of the first single “Under Cover of Darkness”. Available for free download on their site for the next 48 hours or so, though I’d recommend just checking it out on Youtube, unless you want to sign up for a Strokes’ newsletter. To save you some time I’ll post this video of the new single right here, easy breezy beautiful.

As for the song itself, I like it. Bright and cheery like “Someday”, but still retaining some of the complexity of First Impressions of Earth, which could either be a good or bad sign. The interplay between guitarists Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr. is definitely stands out, showcasing a kind of classic rock feel. Word on the street is that the new album Angles (Due out March 22) is supposed to be a return to the sounds of Is This It? Hard to say if The Strokes can ever capture that kind of lightning again, but this track is a good start.