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The Office – “PDA”

I’m gonna say it: The Office is back. I don’t know for how long, or why it couldn’t happen sooner, but this show has been consistently solid for a number of weeks now. I still think Gabe is too creepy and awkward in the wrong way for the show, but pretty much everything else they’ve been doing of late is good. Maybe it’s just because they’ve had to put Michael’s stories in fast forward, but this is the show I used to love.

So after last week’s big kiss, Michael and Holly are back together. And though Holly seemed hesitant to give into Michael’s charms over the past few weeks, she is definitely back on the Scott Express. In fact, they’re so in love that their intimacy has become a problem for the rest of the office. In a meeting (in which Michael sits on Holly’s lap) Gabe puts a ban on public displays of affection. Michael hates this, but along the way ends up telling Holly he loves her, and she returns the sentiment. When it occurs to Michael that their relationship is going so fast because Holly has to go back to Nashua soon, she tells him the company can’t run their lives. So Holly moves in with Michael and the PDA ban is (at least temporarily) lifted.

Steve Carell was really good as Michael, running a gamut of emotions and hilarious moments. I lost it when he recorded his movie pitch for Boner Bomb starring Jason Statham or perhaps Eisenberg or Michael Cera. Genius! I’m glad they’re bringing back the aspiring filmmaker side of Michael, we haven’t seen that in a while.

The rest of the stories are pretty meh. Daryl’s funny when the office mistake his grieving over his grandmother’s death for his birthday. Pam and Jim are bummed they seem to be the only ones who haven’t had sex in the office. Erin and Andy try to get through Gabe’s treasure hunt Valentine’s Day, further proving that Erin and Andy are apparently required to go through the stupid people version of Pam and Jim’s romantic arc.

Steve Carell, what will this show be without you?

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