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Modern Family – “Regrets Only”

I’m sorry I missed most of the shows last week, I was busy and no one else on the blog has any opinion about television at all. As you’ll remember, last week was the episode with the princess party, which, at the very least, gave Cam and Mitchell something to do, even if it was the same boring bitchy couple stuff they’ve been saddled with lately. This week, Modern Family continued to insist that married couples arguing is funny by making Claire pissed off at Phil and Phil not understanding why.

I don’t even really want to recap this one. Phil provided Claire with plenty of things to get angry about, and he spends much of the episode trying to figure out which one it was. He spends the day with Gloria, while Claire goes off with Jay. Eventually they figure out that the issue was that Phil didn’t listen to Claire’s advice about eating salad. Phil proves that he does take her advice all the time and we’re done. How many Claire stories have been about her freaking out about something this season? I feel like that’s all she does these days.

This all gets in the way of two much more interesting stories. Cam is concerned that Mitchell doesn’t pay him enough attention, which comes to fruition when Mitchell doesn’t realize he forgot to mail out invitations to a party until the day of the event. Mitchell freaking out and saving the day is all right, but what I really enjoyed was Cam and Luke organizing party. Any time we have a grown man and a child communicating with headset while only a few feet from each other is a good time.

Finally, Haley is faking a job to get her parents to help her buy a car. Alex is the only one to figure this out, and instead of just telling someone, she tries to expose her sister by taking the family to the restaurant where she supposedly works. Of course her devious plans are thwarted. This story could have been fleshed out into something funny, but it’s only given enough time for us to know that it happened. Do better Modern Family! Your first season was so good.

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