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C.A.T: United

Phoenix – United (2000)

I would of done Kid A if it wasn’t for the fact that a rumored Radiohead album next year could have potential for a future retrospective, so here is a review of a mighty fine ‘lil recording.

My fondness for Phoenix doesn’t stem back that far, but in that little time it’s truly blossomed into a great affection. From the moment Sean, Colin and I saw them live, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite modern acts. Immediately after seeing them I had to divulge deep into their discography and this one was a real pleasure.

I can only assume that many became familiar with this group with the success of their first single “Too Young.” I first heard it the cinematic classic Shallow Hal and had it stuck in the back of mind for about seven years until Colin told me what it was. That’s a long time to have a song stuck in your head, so when I finally became familiar with this French foursome I pondered, “What could the rest of the album. sound like?

Phoenix have always had a sort of romanticism in their approach to pop/rock. Thomas Mars’ airy vocals are definitely a big part of this, but it could also in part to their dancy pop arrangements. It kind of wavers on that line of rock and dance music, but regardless of what you call it, it sounds terrific. Usually it’s the most rhythmic or should I eve say “funky” tracks that are the most appealing. Aside from “Too Young” there’s the infectiously catchy “If I Ever Feel Better” and the souther/funk epic “Funky Squaredance.”It’s all very unique in that it can really get you movin’ while simultaneously being easy on the ears.

It’s probably a little much saying this album is a classic, but right now it’s probably one of my favorite albums from 2000, so it felt right. Though who’s to say what albums we’ll look back at fondly in the years to come?

Favorite Tracks: “If I Ever Feel Better”, “Party Time”, “Too Young”